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Plight of the Flutist  BLOG 

I have always wanted to help people in some form or another.  For this reason, I LOVE teaching flute lessons!  However, there are only so many students that one can teach, and as much as I like to think that my methods are being spread through a community through my students, one's reach can only go so far on an individual basis.  

 That is why I have chosen to start a blog that addresses problems or issues that we all seem to encounter at some point in our musical (and flute-related) careers.  Some of the things I will discuss on my blog are things that I find some teachers tend to keep very private or exclusively between their own students for really no reason at all other than trying to seem exclusive or in high-demand.   

I genuinely want every flutist to have as many opportunities as they can regardless of whether or not they can afford private lessons, or if they should happen to come across some very helpful information on a website or blog.  

It is on that note, that I would like to direct you to my blog,    Plight of the Flutist:  http://plightoftheflutist.wordpress.com/



 The Vocal Flute

For as long as I can remember, singing has had a tremendous impact on my musical upbringing.  From seeing my first opera (Verdi's La Traviata)  to singing my first Italian aria to an audience, singing is something that has always felt natural and uninhibited.  

 As I advance in my career, I find myself trying to emulate the human voice more and more in my playing. It was in this pursuit that I came up with the idea of forming a project surrounding the connection between the flute and the human voice.   

 Naturally I was drawn to opera fantasies and theme and variations based on famous arias written for the flute.  Then, I also had the idea to take full length arias, and transcribe them for flute to show how the flute, in many ways, is an extension of the human voice.   

 From this came the idea to include music that incorporates the human voice into the piece (singing and playing, speaking, etc.).  

 In the works is a recital series and CD recording that will hopefully feature all of the above, along with a vocalist to sing alongside me.  

 If you would like to contribute to the project in any way, please send me an email via the contact box on the CONTACT page.